Shared by a special friend today…this made a tear well up in my eye. Absolute beauty. 

He said/She said - On the topic of travel

When Tom and I first met, we exchanged many love notes. The love note topics ranged from our favorite words to our favorite color of socks. But my personal favorite, naturally, was the topic of our individual Travel TO-DOs, which essentially were our mutual Travel TO-DOs because our minds were just that connected, even early on in our relationship. I look back at these messages, and they elicit a smile. A big one. I also think, ‘this man can write!’ So creative. So funny. So special. And, he’s mine!

Here goes, on the topic of our top 5 travel destinations: 

He Said

Finally, to the matter at hand. The top 5:

1. Mt. Everest; I have this vision of traveling to Nepal and climbing to base camp 10-15k up. But, before I am embark, I want to distribute snickers bars and bottles of coca-cola (classic) to the native pre-adolescents. I have to say, this was not completely my idea. My cousin Beata did this and also bought out a local store of $3-apiece snickers bars only to witness an unforgettable glee seen only in their eyes. These kids have never ever dreamed of having a snickers.

2. Machu Picchu; No worries, I really do have my own dream destinations, but I have never been here and it looks beautiful. I guess there are two ways to get there, by bus and by hike. One is a day-trip and the other takes a week. I say, let’s sneak up on it, who’s in a rush?

3. Safari in Tanzania/Kenya; I have always wanted to hang off the side of a rusty land-rover with a huge camera. I also always have wanted to take out one of those vintage canteens, un-cork and tip ‘em back, only to find out that the only bit of water I have left is dried out in sand and that an elephant is charging us because we got too close to its calf.

4. Fjords of Norway; I have to take that Scandinavian cruise someday. If not, I will buy a dog and name it Fjord.

5. Oktoberfest in Munchen; I have friends in ol’ Deutschland and open invites to join them for beer-drinking and brats that start at 7AM, daily. Oktoberfest, what a great idea. Let’s shut down the entire country for a week of getting hammered and increasing our risk of heart disease.

Other notables; GREECE, Japan, New Zealand, Rio de Janiero

She said: 

Love your top 5 destinations -

1) I too want to climb Everest! The notion of giving the children snickers and coca-cola classic (has to be classic, full of sugary goodness) is great - such an American treat, I bet they loved it. 

2) I would rather hike Machu Picchu than bus it as well. This approach offers endless possibility…which leads to lots of good stories for my novel someday. I bet I’d meet lots of friends on the way. I am not a shy individual, in case you couldn’t tell. 

3) Elephants are big and menacing. I’d like to ride one someday, though, so I have ambitions to travel to Africa as well. My madre went there this summer for a medical mission trip…not quite safari-style, more ‘giving people malaria shots and kneeling in feces-style’. I’d be elated to join her in the coming year. It has to be sustainable care though. Mucho importante.

4) Fjord would be a great name for a dog. My mom and dad hit up Norge on a cruise a couple of years ago and loved it. I hit up the bars in Norge and marched with the soldiers during the 100 years celebration. They didn’t appreciate that too much. 

5) I am in love with Germany. 

Too many places I’d like to go - how about surf and ski in NZ?! Love that notion. 

*So far, we’ve traveled to Germany and Peru together (among others, including Czech, Italy, Poland and more), and Nepal is definitely next on our list. Here’s to constant exploration and a shared sense of innate curiosity! 
…always in my heart. i carry you with me every day of my life.

…always in my heart. i carry you with me every day of my life.

"I thought I understood it, but I didn’t. Not really. Only the smudgeness of it. The eagerness of it. The idea of it. Of you and me."

Kind of crazy…I know all of these emotions and so many more. Watched this film yesterday and a wave of emotions hit me. Hard. Especially love the point at :50 where it chronicles all of their mutual sleeps, and then suddenly is solo sleep. This film completely consumed me. Made every little nook of my heart ache with its beautiful and authentic romance story.

So won’t you just please, take my hand, and take my whole heart too. Cause I can’t help falling in love with you…

TOMS wedding | our own personal love story to a tee.

Wow. Check out this amazing vid from the Ski Channel about Sarah Burke and her hubby Rory. This excerpt gives a sneak peek into the lives of skiing’s hottest couple…all I can say is what a beautiful, authentic love they have for each other. This is an example for my husband and I as we grow in our marriage and fully realize the importance of allowing each other to dream. This video brings me both joy, and sadness. Joy because their love was so strong…sadness because Sarah Burke’s far-too-short life has ended. And man, was she one bad ass chick.

Such a tragedy to lose one of the sport’s premier athletes at such a young age. The ski community is mourning the loss and her family is in our prayers. As USA Today so aptly described her, Sarah was “an X Games star with a grass-roots mentality  a daredevil superpipe skier” who died doing what she loved. Check out 0:42 in the vid - the couple is talking about their great love and a life together in the mountains, “It is what our lives are, being on the hill, and there is a reason for that,” Sarah says. “It is where we met, where we play, where we live and hopefully where we will die.” 

She has been an incredible pioneer in the sport and female skiers have been given a chance/paid attention to more largely due to her. Lil’ hardcore skier chicks like Kelly Sildaru have Sarah Burke to thank for the opportunities they’ve received on the hill. Looking forward to the Ski Channel’s documentary film project, Winter. I know many of my friends in the ski community were close to Sarah - my prayers and positive vibes your way as you mourn the loss of your friend. 

The ski community is a better place because of you, Sarah. We are thankful. As a female skier, I am thankful.